Top Message

Kyudenko's corporate philosophy is based on the following three principles.

  1. We contribute to society through providing agreeable environmental solution.
  2. We keep challenging for sustainable development through our engineering strengthand create a new value.
  3. We aim to create mutual respecting environment in Kyudenko which utilize anddevelop employees' personality.

These principles represent the spirit of today's CSR, and express in words the responsibility we should fulfill to society.
We believe that our CSR is to place this corporate philosophy at the top and to put it into practice in concrete ways in our business activities.

Our company's main business is the development of infrastructure for daily life, including electric power, the rapid restoration of infrastructure in the event of a disaster, and the creation of a comfortable living environment through the provision of electricity, air conditioning, and sanitary facilities.
In 2009, we established the Eco Business Promotion Division (currently the Technology Division), which is working to reduce CO2 emissions by integrating our energy-saving technologies, and we have also entered the renewable energy power generation business. In addition, we are actively participating in the sixth-order industry (primary, secondary, and tertiary industries) through the olive business.
These eco-friendly businesses have grown to become the fourth pillar of our business, following power distribution, electricity, and air conditioning pipes.

In addition, we are utilizing the know-how we have built up as a comprehensive facility business to develop public facilities and provide public services in the PFI business, establish a medical foundation to contribute to regional healthcare, provide remote diagnosis support services for medical imaging, and develop the Bayside Place Hakata business to revitalize Fukuoka's waterfront. These are just a few of the many areas in which we are developing our business.
All of these are projects that we are undertaking in the course of our core business as a responsibility to society and as businesses that will enable us to develop sustainably.

Kyudenko has divided the CSR issues we have identified into six categories (CSR management, IR information, quality control/customer satisfaction, environmental activities/comfortable environment creation, workplace/work environment, and coexistence with local communities), and we will continue to implement the above corporate philosophy in concrete ways.
We will continue to fulfill our accountability to our stakeholders in a highly transparent manner, and we ask for your support and guidance.

Executive Officer Representative President
Naobumi Sato