Diversity Promotion

About Diversity Promotion

In recent years, the business environment surrounding companies has been changing drastically due to the "falling birthrate and aging population," "globalization," and "diversification of individual values. Under these circumstances, in order to create new value, enhance our competitiveness, and continue our sustainable growth, we need to add different ideas and diverse perspectives.

Our diversity promotion is based on our Corporate Philosophy and Charter of Corporate Behavior, and we have established a basic policy based on the principle that our greatest management resource is our human resources (people), and we will continue to work towardthe realization of our "Vision.

Basic Policy on Diversity Promotion

Based on our "Corporate Philosophy and Charter of Corporate Behavior" and the principle that our greatest management resource is our human resources, we will work to promote diversity by respecting diversity and utilizing it as an organizational strength to create new value and enhance our competitiveness.Through these efforts, we will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Basic Policy on Diversity Promotion


  1. We will create a corporate culture that respects and utilizes diversity. We will create a corporate culture that respects and recognizes diversity in
    terms of gender, age, disability, race, ability, values, sexual minority, etc., and utilize it as a strength of the organization.
  2. Promote the development of diverse human resources and their activities. We will promote the hiring, training, and promotion of diverse human
    resources, and support diverse career development and skills development.
  3. Create an attractive work environment that is rewarding and challenging. We will strive to improve engagement by creating a workplace environment
    in which employees want to work and continue to work, including an environment in which each individual can maximize his or her abilities and in which diverse and flexible work styles are possible.

Efforts to promote the activities of female employees

We consider the promotion of women's activities to be an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible in the context of diversity promotion, and we will proactively promote such efforts.

Childcare Support Initiatives

We will expand our support system for balancing work and childcare to create an attractive work environment.

Relationship with SDGs

We believe that it is also very important to contribute to achieving the goals of the SDGs through the promotion of diversity.

Kyudenko's Initiatives