Promotion of Health Management

Health First ,We declare that we will work to create an environment where employees can work with peace of mind and a bright, comfortable workplace, and we will strengthen the implementation of employee health management and health promotion activities.

Health Management

We regard the health of our employees as one of our most important management resources, and are working to support employees' voluntary health promotion activities and to promote organizational health activities.
We have formulated the "Kyudenko Declaration on Health Management" in order to further strengthen our employees' awareness of "health first", to support their efforts in health promotion activities, and to create a "safe working environment" and a "bright and comfortable workplace".

In order to raise each employee's self-responsibility and awareness of health, we will work together as an organization to conduct health promotion activities and actively work to maintain and improve the health of our employees, including their families, through "creating a bright and comfortable workplace.

Kyudenko "Declaration of Health Management" (Japanese) (62 KB)

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