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Promoting Environmental Management

We aim to solve global environmental problems through the construction and operation of renewable energy power plants and the provision of energy-saving equipment in general facility construction.

Diversity Promotion

Kyudenko is working to promote diversity as a management strategy.

Safety Initiatives

Safety and health are the foundation of management and the basic premise of all our activities. "Safety and health are the foundation of management and the basic premise of all our activities," is the core of Kyudenko's approach to safety.

Approaches to DX

Here we introduce our DX initiatives.

Promotion of health management

We consider the health of our employees to be one of our most important management resources, and are working to support employees' voluntary health promotion activities and to promote organizational health activities.

Social Contribution Activities and Environmental Activities

We introduce the activities of Kyudenko Group, such as the "Sawayaka Conunity Season", which is a community-based service activity throughout the Group, and our environmental conservation efforts.

Human Resource Development System

For us, "people are assets". We provide systematic education based on our Human Resources Development Charter.

Approaches to Workplace Reform

This page introduces our efforts to reform the way we work.

Approaches to Technological Development

Learn about our role in introducing and developing advanced technologies and methods, and our efforts to maintain knowledge and capabilities for solving technical problems in the field.

ISO Certification

Introduction of our ISO certification.

ZEB Initiatives

Learn about our ZEB initiatives.

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Kyudenko's Initiatives