Corporate Philosopy & Long-term Vision

Corporate Philosophy

  1. We contribute to society through providing agreeable environmental solution.
  2. We keep challenging for sustainable development through our engineering strength and create a new value.
  3. We aim to create mutual respecting environment in Kyudenko which utilize and develop employees' personality.

Long-term Vision: Make Next -- To Create Smiles for the Future

With an eye on future megatrends and with our corporate philosophy as a pillar of our business, the Kyudenko Group has formulated its long-term vision with a focus on seizing business opportunities and expanding business in the expected social environment 100 years after its foundation (2044). We have also defined our role in creating a sustainable society (which we call the "Three Contributions") and our basic stance to achieve the vision.

We will instill and pass on this long-term vision as the "Kyudenko-ism" philosophy company-wide, and make improvements to it as we evolve with the times and in response to changes in our surrounding environment.

Make Next. to create smile for the future

FY2020 - FY2024 Mid-term Management Plan (1,289 KB)

Corporate Profile