Telecommunications Work

As information and communications technologies (ICT) continue to develop at a rapid pace, the importance of the telecommunications infrastructure that supports them is growing. We build a variety of telecommunications infrastructure by planning, proposing, designing, constructing, and maintaining telecommunications equipment that meets the needs of today's advanced telecommunications-driven society.
Services include building out FTTH networks that supply super-high-speed broadband connectivity to residences, updating cable TV equipment, and building base stations for mobile phone carriers.
We also provide support for safe and secure lifestyles by building administrative radio system for disaster prevention to address the possibility of disasters throughout Japan, including administrative digital radio system for disaster prevention that safeguard human life, firefighting and first-aid digital radio systems, and 280 MHz digital radio broadcasting systems.
Going forward, we will continue to create new value in the telecommunications field by providing services ranging from the design and construction of wired and wireless networks to system development and datacenter operation.


  • For local government
  • For communications and broadcasting companies
  • For hospitals
  • For schools and universities
  • For hotels and condominiums
  • For Factories

Power distribution and communication works

Our construction work includes fiber optic cable installation for the Internet in general households, communication cable installation for power security used to ensure a stable supply of electricity, network installation to connect various companies and factories, and various other communication cable installation projects undertaken by the Kyushu Electric Power Group.
In addition to playing a role in the stable supply of electricity, these works contribute to the development of the infrastructure of the information society, which continues to evolve day by day.

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