Safety Initiatives

Safety takes precedence over everything

Basic Plan for Safety and Health Management

FY2021 Basic Plan for Safety and Health Management

Basic Philosophy

Safety takes precedence over everything else.

"Safety and health are the foundation for management and a major premise of all activities"


Elimination of serious accidents


Safety of fellow workers, everyone's health Let's find and reduce risk in the workplace

I. Basic Policy


Ensure that all employees think and act on their own to prevent accidents.


Aim to create a happy and pleasant workplace.

II. Primary Goals


  1. Promotion of safety management activities to eliminate major  accidents
  2. Promote safety management activities to prevent occupational accidents
  3. ensure compliance with safety and health laws and regulations
  4. promote safety activities at affiliates and subcontractors
  5. promote safety activities to prevent traffic accidents


  1. "Securing days off" and "Improving the work environment" for the reform of work styles
  2. Promotion of health promotion applied to the with COVID-19 and post-COVID era.

Safety Education Facility "Safety Lore Hall"

Learning from Accidents and Inspiring Motivation "Safety Lore Hall"

Recognizing our pride as professionals who create safety, we established the "Safety Lore Hall" as a place to pass on past disasters and accidents without letting them fade away, to learn from them, and to inspire our determination (motivation) to think about safety.

The purpose of the "Safety Lore Hall" is for all employees of the Kyudenko Group to learn the tragedy of accidents and the importance of ensuring safety by facing the facts of accidents and passing on the lessons learned from past accidents, focusing on serious accidents in power distribution, electricity, HVAC, and information and telecommunications construction work.

Facility Overview

The facility consists of five steps.

  1. (1) The facility is positioned as a "place of awareness" so that employees can feel familiar with past accidents and understand the sincere efforts of the Kyudenko Group to eliminate accidents.
  1. (1) In addition to reaffirming the Kyudenko Group's basic approach to safety, we look back over our 70-year history since our founding, focusing on technological changes, and introduce the evolution of tools and equipment.
  1. (1) The theme of this report is "Learning from accidents Experiences.
  2. (2) Chronological panels of past accidents are displayed, explaining the establishment of work standards and work rules and the improvement of tools based on representative accidents cases and reflections from each technical department.
  3. (3)  In the accidents case study panel, the background of the occurrence, presumed causes, and lessons learned from the accidents are conveyed using photos and videos of the time, and the question is asked to the participants to encourage them to think about the true causes.
  1. (1) Ask participants to think about the effects of accidents.
  2. (2) The objective is to make participants feel familiar with the experiences of their predecessors and reconsider their future safety activities.
  3. (3) For the stories of our predecessors, video interviews with the people involved at the time are shown to emphasize the realism of their experiences.
  4. (4) In the Document Theater, past accidents are shown as reenactments using computer graphics and other techniques to help participants understand the tragedy of accidents and the impact they have on the people around them.
  1. (1) By explaining the basics of human error and raising awareness of human error prevention, we reaffirm that safety is the basis of corporate activities and that it is the responsibility of society to ensure safety, that safety is for our own good, and that we must always follow the rules.
  2. (2) Through the social contributions of the Kyudenko Group, such as examples of support for recovery from natural disasters, etc., employees will learn about the rewards of their work and be highly motivated to comply with safety requirements.

Safety Education Facility "Safety Lore Hall" Floor Map

Safety Education Facility Safety Lore Hall Floor Map

The "Safety Lore Hall" not only raises the safety awareness of the Kyudenko Group, but also serves as a place to create a culture of safety through the concerted efforts of the entire Kyudenko Group.

Hazard Simulation Training Facility" to raise safety awareness and improve hazard avoidance skills

To prevent accidents, it is important to learn about safety and health in the classroom, but it is also important to improve sensitivity to danger.The purpose of this facility is to raise safety awareness and improve risk avoidance skills by experiencing the dangers that can occur in the workplace.By combining this with the "Safety Lore Hall" education, further safety and health activities can be expected to be effective.

Outline of the facility

  1. Falling Shock Simulation TrainingFalling mannequins are made to simulate a crash from a height, and the trainees are made to understand how the impact load changes depending on the height at which the safety belt rope is hung.
  2. Crash load experience trainingTrainees wear a safety belt and hang from a single rope to experience the difference in pressure on the abdomen due to the different positions of the safety belt.
  3. Ladder hazard trainingTrainees experience the fear of slipping or leaning on a ladder, and understand the correct way to set up and climb a ladder.
  4. Stepladder Hazard Simulation TrainingTrainees experience the fear of a stepladder tilting sideways, and understand how to install and use it correctly.
  5. Power Tool Hazard Simulation TrainingInstructors will demonstrate and explain examples of disasters to help participants understand how to use them properly.They will also experience the danger of getting their hands caught in power tools.Translated with (free version)

1.Drop impact training

2.Load training at the time of a crash

3.Experiencing the danger of ladders

4.Stepladder Hazard Simulation Training

5.Power Tool Hazard Simulation Training

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