Human Resource Development System

For us, people are treasure, and we provide systematic education based on the Charter for the Development of Human Resources. We place particular emphasis on training for younger employees, and strive to pass on knowledge, technology, and skills through an effective combination of OJT (on-the-job training) and Off-JT (group training). We also have a system in place to support employees in acquiring qualifications.

Charter on Human Resources Development

  1. Objectives of human resources development
    Human resources are assets, and our objective is to develop and utilize them.
  2. Methods and content of human resources development
    Through work experience and education, we aim to build character and develop and improve abilities.
  3. Evaluation of human resources development
    Appropriate evaluation of efforts for human resource development
  4. Responsibilities of managers and employees
    Take responsibility for the development of subordinates and junior staff, and strive to educate and support them.
  5. Attitude of employees
    Take responsibility for one's own growth and always strive to keep challenging oneself.

Kyudenko's Initiatives