Disclosure Policies

1. Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

We will disclose important information about our company in a timely and appropriate manner in order to promote understanding of our company by our shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders, and for their proper evaluation.

2. Standards for information disclosure

In accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations, as well as the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Company will promptly disclose information based on transparency, fairness, and continuity.

Even if the information does not fall under the category of material facts as stipulated by laws and regulations and the Securities Listing Regulations, etc., we will disclose information that we consider useful to our shareholders and investors in a proactive and fair manner to the extent possible.

3. Method of Information Disclosure

Information that falls under the category of material facts as defined by the Securities Listing Regulations shall be disclosed through the Timely Disclosure Information Communication System provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the Regulations. Information that does not fall within the scope of the rules, etc., but that is deemed to have an impact on investment decisions will be promptly disclosed in an appropriate manner, depending on the importance and urgency of the information.

4. Silent Period

In order to prevent the leakage of financial information and to ensure fairness, the Company designates the weeks leading up to the announcement of financial results as a quiet period. During this period, we will refrain from responding to any comments or questions related to the financial results. However, if it becomes clear that the difference between the earnings forecast and the actual results during the quiet period will be within the range of variation stipulated in the Securities Listing Regulations, we will disclose the information through press releases, etc. as appropriate.

5. Future Outlook

Information disclosed other than historical facts is forward-looking statements based on the Company's judgment in light of information currently available, and includes risks and uncertainties related to economic conditions, market trends, and changes in taxation and other systems. Therefore, please be aware that actual results may vary due to these and other factors.

Investor Relations