Electrical Work

We draw on extensive experience and a high level of technical skill with an array of electrical equipment to serve customers, including commercial buildings, increasingly complex and multifunctional office buildings, factories, educational and cultural facilities, resort facilities, and renewable energy power plants.
We also help resolve customers' issues, from creating proposals that meet their needs through equipment diagnostics and other services to equipment installation in new construction, expansion projects, and renovations. After the completion of each job, we work with customers to offer preventive maintenance for electrical equipment while accommodating requests quickly by providing reliable service that inspires peace of mind through follow-up maintenance service.


Cultivating all-around engineers to realize electric electric pipe pair construction management construction management

In order to become the top comprehensive facility business, we not only provide education on electrical work, but also on air conditioning and sanitation work, cultivating engineers who can do both, and promoting "electric pipe pair construction management" that allows one person to manage electrical, air conditioning, and sanitation facilities. As a result, we are working to satisfy our customers and lower construction costs.

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