Approaches to Technological Development

Approaches to "Advanced Technology Development" and "Technical Support

This group consists of three groups: the Advanced Technology Development Group, which promotes the use of cutting-edge technologies, and the Electrical and Air Conditioning Technology Promotion Groups, which provide technical support in the field of construction.

1. Verification of drone utilization methods

Handing over a call line in a mountainous area using a drone

Thermal imaging of photovoltaic power generation equipment using a drone

In our research on labor-saving maintenance of photovoltaic power generation facilities, we have been able to use drones to take thermal images of PV modules to identify abnormalities, which can lead to early detection and countermeasures.

2.Surveys and research on 3D virtualization technology

As 3D technology becomes more widespread, we are conducting research on the following topics.

  • Demonstration of the process from 3D scanners to visualization
  • Expanding to design drawings by linking with 3D CAD

3.Simulation using thermal fluid analysis software

Airflow simulation can calculate the airflow, wind speed, and heat transfer. It is possible to check the temperature distribution in the room by the air conditioner with images and make the best proposal.

4.Development of equipment useful in the field

Piping slope measuring device (air conditioning pipe): Patent

This is a device for safely assuming the slope of drainage lateral pipes in high places without using a stepladder. A patent was registered in June 2014.
(Patent registered in June 2014 (Patent No. 5567524))

Cable stripper (KN cutter: electric): patented

Cable stripper for CV cables, eco-friendly cables and fire-resistant cables, available in manual and electric types.

Main unit and adapter

Processing status

Usage status (manual)

Status of use (electric)

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