Power Distribution Line Work

Distribution line work

As a subcontractor of Kyushu Electric Power, we provide services including construction and maintenance of overhead distribution lines, installation of drop wires and instruments, and installation of communications cables and related equipment as part of the construction of systems that automate control of distribution lines.
Particularly important is the significant contribution we make to the communities we serve by working day and night to restore power in the event of outages due to typhoons and other accidents.
We also maintain convenience while ensuring worker safety and improving the work environment by using two techniques that make us a nationwide leader: outage-less electrical work (a technique for using bypass cables, generators, and other means to avoid outages while work is being performed) and indirect live-wire work (a technique for performing work without directly touching high-voltage lines).

Underground line work

We perform the following servisces:

  • Construction of conduits for underground distribution lines,Construction of high and low voltage distribution lines (including 22kv) and Renovation works
  • Undergrounding of electric cables(Construction of Kyushu Electricity Pipelines,electric cable common duct)
  • Undergrounding of electric cables(22kV spot network systems,Disaster prevention,Power supply expansion works)
  • Overhead cable work,Distribution line work with corrugated carbles
  • Terminal work on extra-high-voltage cables(66kV)

We carry out a wide range of cable installation work, from the construction of underground facilities to the installation of cables to ensure a stable power supply.


Underground line work

Work to bury power lines has been moving forward in downtown and sightseeing areas from the standpoint of ensuring safe, pleasant spaces for pedestrians, preventing urban accidents, and improving the urban landscape as well as from social request. And in recent years, growing awareness of disaster prevention has focused attention on underground facilities from the perspective of maintaining infrastructure. The work we perform includes removing utility poles, installing conduit for a range of underground equipment, and installing and connecting cables. In this way, we put our extensive technical capabilities in underground lines to work in an effort to create an environment in which residents can enjoy safety and security.

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