Kyudenko Charter of Behavior

We, the Kyudenko Corporation, as an Integrated Utilities Engineering Service Company, shall, in addition to creating an environment aiming for the optimal harmony of "People", "Environment", and "Engineering Skill", act as a useful corporation that is trusted by society at large. We shall respect human rights and conduct ourselves with initiative in a socially responsible manner, observing both the spirit as well as the letter of all applicable laws and international rules, in accordance with the following ten principles.

Action Guidelines

  1. We shall carry out technological research and development that meet the needs of society and our customers to improve service, safety, quality, and value, and provide an "integrated utilities engineering service" that earns the confidence and satisfaction of customers with sufficient consideration for the protection of personal information and customer information.
  2. We shall engage in fair, transparent, and free competition and proper transactions while maintaining sound and proper relationships with governmental and political bodies.
  3. We shall aim for open corporate management both internally and externally and proactively and fairly disclose accurate information regarding the Company in a timely manner.
  4. We shall ensure a safe and pleasant workplace with open and honest communication that realizes comfortable and affluent daily lives of our employees and create a positive and energetic corporate culture that respects the personalities, individuality, and diversity of our employees.
  5. We recognize that working on environmental issues is a common task for all human beings and important mission in corporate activity and we will voluntarily and proactively take actions for environmental issues.
  6. As good corporate citizens, we shall proactively carry out social contribution activity and seek to co-exist with local communities.
  7. We shall firmly oppose antisocial entities and organizations posing a threat to the order and security of civil society.
  8. In global business activities, we not only comply with international rules and local laws but also respect local culture and customs and work on building friendly relationships with local communities and deploy business to contribute to the growth of local communities.
  9. The management team shall recognize realization of the spirit of this Charter as their role and set a good example and make this Charter thoroughly known to relevant parties. The management team shall also constantly strive to be aware of internal and external opinions and establish an effective internal system while enforcing thorough compliance with corporate ethics.
  10. Should any incident contrary to the principles of this Charter occur, the management team shall internally and publicly clarify its position toward problem solving as well as take responsibility to resolve problems and prevent reoccurrence on its own initiative. The management team shall fulfill its responsibility to immediately disclose accurate information and provide explanations to society. After clarifying authority and responsibility for the relevant problem, the management team shall impose strict and impartial disciplinary actions upon any liable persons, including themselves.


Revision History

Established: October 1997
Supplemented: March 2002
Revised: December 2004

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